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Recipe: Salmon & King Prawns with Thai Green Sauce

A delicious variation on a theme. This lovely recipe looks great, tastes great with subtle flavours and is so simple you can create it at any time, in no time!

Salmon Thai Green With Tiger Prawns


130g Curry Sauce Co. Green Thai Sauce 1 salmon fillet 25g north atlantic prawns 1 pre cooked pancake. 


Garnish salad garnish with tomato lemon wedge 


Poach salmon fillet for 3 minutes, remove skin. Heat Green Thai sauce. Add prawns to sauce and simmer for 3 minutes. Add pre cooked flaked salmon fillet. Warm pancake. Place on plate and lay filling to one side of pancake and roll up. Filling should squeeze out either end of the pancake. Drizzle small quantity of sauce to side of pancake. Garnish with green lettuce, sliced tomato and lemon wedge.  

Serves 1 person(s)