Veggie Chicken Pieces Makhani

Makhani is the traditional name for Butter Chicken. However we’ve found the sauce also works very well with vegetarian alternatives such as Quorn Chicken Style pieces for a vegetarian alternative.

  1. Fry off to seal your veggie chicken pieces We would suggest between 100g and 150g of meat per person, or 500g bag per pot of sauce will make a meal for four. The veggie style pieces do soak up more liquid than using meat so a touch of water can be added to keep the cooked sauce flowing.
  2. Pour in our Makhani sauce (available here) and continue cooking for around 10 minutes for the veggie version or until meat cooked through if using Chicken.
  3. Boil your favourite rice
  4. Garnish with fresh coriander and cream if you like. Serve with Naan bread, Rice and one of our delicious chutneys.

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