About Us

Restaurant Standard Curry Sauces

Original kitchen recipes, full of ingredients that deliver fantastic flavour and unrivalled quality of product. They are complete, ready to use and yet restaurant quality.

Create a wonderful meal in minutes without the need to add additional ingredients - superb mid-week.

So simple to prepare, stir fry your chicken pieces, for example, to seal the meat add the sauce and simmer. Great midweek as a quick supper for example. A worthy alternative to a takeaway, no compromise on flavour and a fraction of the price.

Ambient stable so no need to clutter your fridge, 3/4 days refrigerated once opened, suitable for home freezing.


We’ve listened to our customers and have worked hard to tick many dietary boxes without any compromise on product quality or taste. All our products have no artificial ingredients, are made in a nut-free environment, all are suitable for gluten-free diets.

Six of the range are Vegan whilst all ten are Vegetarian. and there is something for everyone, Indian, Thai, Malaysian - mild, medium and hot. All of our products are made in the UK

A Word on our Packaging

These sauces are made in to be high quality, to retain excellent taste, and be clean from artificial ingredients. It is simply not possible to replicate this product in a glass jar where the high temperatures needed in the production process would kill off any taste. In order to preserve the curry sauce, we use a recyclable polypropylene (PP) container. This is widely recyclable through normal council collections – see symbol 5 PP. Furthermore given each pot contains nearly half a litre of curry the size and weight of the equivalent glass jar in production and transportation would create a significantly higher environmental impact.

As an alternative to recycling these are high strength rigid containers and once washed out can be great for planting, paints, pens, school use etc.